The Twitter Crush

photo 3

Bill knew it was risky, but then that was part of the thrill.  Taking his wife Kate to the upscale restaurant that his new lover worked at was probably not a good idea.  Especially with Kate.  She was a high powered attorney, in fact she was the primary breadwinner in their house by a factor of about five.  To Bill it had started to feel like she was married more to her job, than to him.  Things started off well between them.  She was hot and sexy and they had an incredible marriage. However, as many marriages do, things cooled a lot.  She fell into a career, and he fell out of one.  Lately he was finding himself stuck in dead end IT consulting jobs while she climbed to the position of partner in her firm just as fast she climbed the stair master in the gym.  He was proud of her for her accomplishments, but they were drifting apart.  Lately their sex life had become non existent.  To him it just seemed like he was missing something. Not giving her something that she needed.  She used to be aggressive in the bedroom, buying sexy lingerie, sending him dirty notes, and initiating sex regularly.  For about a year now, she had just stopped.  When he mentioned it she didn’t want to talk about it.  When they did have sex it was usually after he pushed the issue almost to the point of begging.   It appeared as if she had replaced that part of their life with her work.  And the gym.  She worked out all the time now.  Her body was amazing, but he really never saw it anymore.

No longer having an outlet for his sexual needs Bill had found himself spending more and more time on Twitter.  At first he was just looking through trends like #twitterafterdark and #selfpics but then he found himself following and talking to a lot of people.  Many claimed to be hot young bisexual girls who deepthroat 10” cocks like it’s nothing.  He figured they weren’t that at all, but more likely bored housewives, or worse, Dudes just messing around.  Then he found Laura.  She was fresh out of college and had started posting nude pics for the thrill of it.  At first he commented on her pics, telling her how hot she was.  She often replied and he started to get more daring.  He liked to tell her what he wanted to do to her when she posted a pic and she would reply saying how hot and wet he was making her.  She even took some pictures of herself to tease him, or even based on his requests.  Whereas with Kate he just didn’t seem to know what to do or say to be sexy, it seemed that everything he said to Laura turned her on.  He felt very confident with her and got very bold, often times acting like a dominant to her submissive.  Laura seemed to love their online conversations the most when he would talk about spanking her, or tieing her up and doing whatever he wanted to her.  Then they started to talk about a bunch of things outside sex and even exchanged personal emails.  Two months ago he told her all about his situation with Kate and how miserable he was.  Laura responded that she would never treat him that way, that she did not understand how his wife wasn’t dripping wet thinking about all the dirty things she should be doing for and to him.  From their conversations he knew she lived close to him, and he decided he had to meet her.  When he asked if they could meet in person, she agreed.  He was amazed by this.  The following week Kate was out of town for work and he decided to meet Laura for dinner.  She was exactly what he hoped.  Her pictures were real and so was she.  It was awkward at first, especially since he was 36 and she was 23, but they quickly got over that and fell into same rhythm in person that they had established on line.  As they ate dinner it became apparent that the virtual attraction they felt had transformed into a physical one.  Trying to be the dominant male that he had portrayed online he ran his hand up her thigh and under her skirt as they sat talking.  Laura did not react beyond a look that he took as longing.  He his heart was pounding as he slid his hand between her legs and cupped her smooth shaven wet pussy.  She had worn a skirt and no panties to their meeting! They finished their meal in apparent silence as he fingered her under the table and she stroked his cock through his pants.  Finally he collected the check and they agreed to go to a hotel across the street from the restaurant.

Bill had never seen himself as a cheater, but that night he had the most incredible sexual experience of his life.  Laura was gorgeous.  5’ 6” about 125 pounds with perfect breasts.  He took control from the moment they got in the room and she submissively followed his lead.  The more controlling and rough he was with her the more turned on she got.  Afterward they both agreed that they had to do this again.  Since then they had met several times and acted out all the things that they had talked about when they only knew each other virtually.  Bill quickly found that he could not stop himself.  Laura was young, and looking to get started in a career in the restaurant industry as she was an amazing cook and now had a degree in restaurant management.  She was basically broke and working a lot. He found himself using his high powered Attorney wife’s money to buy Laura all sorts of things she otherwise would never have.  Sexy clothes, expensive lingerie and sex toys for them to play with, even a better cell phone so she could take better pictures of herself for him.  Kate let him handle the household bills since she was so busy so he could easy hide the expenses from her.  All the while he played up the dominant role and Laura loved it.  He would tell her to meet him at a hotel dressed as a schoolgirl where he would spank her hard before fucking her to oblivion.  Once he picked her up and made her give him road head as he drove around.  No matter what he asked of her she did it.  The nastier the better.

That takes us to tonight.  Bill had sent Laura a glass butt plug and told her he wanted her to wear it to work that evening.  He told her he would know if she didn’t.  So there he was, watching his lovely wife Kate bang out angry emails on her work blackberry between nondescript comments about her day, or the appetizer selection at the restaurant.  It saddened Bill that they had become that coupe sitting at a restaurant looking at their phones and not each other.  It was then that Bill’s phone buzzed with a text from Laura.

“Are you here with your wife?”

Bill had been planning on texting her any moment, but worked just the same that she had seen them.  He replied

“I am. Are you plugged?”

He still felt a bit odd acting so dominant with Laura. Especially when he had never been that way with Kate.  It just worked with Laura in a way that he could never see himself even trying with Kate. His phone buzzed again


“Who are you talking to?” Kate looked over at him, annoyed.  “Tom from work.  He wants to grab some beers tomorrow and watch the game.” Bill lied quickly.  Kate thought for a moment and then replied “Well I have to prep for court tomorrow night so I’ll be at work late.  Do whatever you like.”  Bill smiled at  her.  “Big case?” He asked sincerely.  “They all are” she replied dryly turning back to her blackberry.  Bill did the same and replied to Laura.

“Meet me by the bathroom in 5 minutes.”

A few minutes later their drinks arrived and then Bill excused himself, saying his stomach didn’t feel so good.  Kate barely looked up from the email she was typing.  He made his way through the restaurant to the bathrooms.  He found Laura standing just outside.  “I only have a few minutes the Kitchen is backed up…” She started and he held his finger up to her lips to quiet her.  He went into the men’s room and saw that it was empty, then stepped back out and waved her in.  He led her back to the larger handicapped stall and stepped inside and closed the door.

Now standing in the stall with Laura he couldn’t believe he was doing this.  She was looking at him expectantly wearing black slacks and a black blouse that Identified her as one of the managers. “Turn around.” he commanded and she did.  He stepped up behind her and ran his hands up her body.  Starting at her waist he slid them up her sides, under her arms and then over her shoulders.  She was tense and as his hands made their way to her shoulders he massaged some of the tension out of her.  As she relaxed she leaned back into him, her head leaning back against his shoulder as his hands slid down the outside of her arms.  Bill then took her hands by the wrists and held them up and against the wall.  “Now don’t move my sweet pet.” he whispered in her ear.  Back up her arms his hands traveled and then his left moved to her neck holding her tightly by her throat while his right moved down over her chest cupping and squeezing her firm young tit through her clothes.  She sucked in her breath as he squeezed hard.  Bill licked her neck and then nibbled at it as his right hand moved down and undid her slacks and pushed them down.  He pushed his leg in between hers and forced her to spread her legs as wide as she could with her pants around her ankles.  He looked down and saw that she had on a black satin thong that he had bought her the other weekend.  He ran his hand down over the front of the thong, palming her pubic mound and curling his fingers into her soft folds.  “Mmmm.  You are so wet for me.” He whispered in her ear.  “Do you like the plug?” he said rubbing her wet pussy through the dampening satin.  “Yes.  I’ve been so wet all night feeling it in my ass. ” she sighed. He released her throat and ran his left hand down between her ass cheeks tracing the satin of the thong until he felt the head of the butt plug.  He pressed on it, pushing it into her.  “Ohhhh” she bit her lip. “That’s so fucking hot” he said.  Knowing that they did not have a lot of time, he pulled her panties aside and pushed 2 fingers deep into her smooth wet pussy.  She shuddered at the penetration and could hear as he pulled down his zipper.  Leaving his belt buckled, Bill pulled his cock out through the open fly so that his cock and balls were free but his pants were still buttoned up.  He slipped his fingers out of her pussy to the very tips, holding her slick lips wide open as he positioned his cock at her sweet wet entrance.

Bill had an amazing cock.  The first time Laura saw it she knew she had to have it.  He had sent her a pic of it over twitter during one of their Direct Message sessions and she was in love with it. That first time she held it under the table and knew he had sent her a real picture made her so wet.  When they were in the hotel that night and he pulled it out she thought she actually drooled. She measured it at 9 inches and it was very thick.  He almost couldn’t get in her that first night. When they finally could fuck, she found out that not only was he huge, but he knew what he was doing with it. She came so many times that night she almost passed out. Laura still did not know why his bitch of a wife was ignoring this amazing dick.  She would do whatever he asked as long as he kept fucking her with it. Then he bent her over more and  in one hard thrust he pushed balls deep into her, pushing her up against the wall.  She grunted as her arms collapsed and she was flattened against the wall.  The cool tile against her face as he took her pussy gave her a thrill of wanton slutiness that Bill seemed to always deliver.  She was bracing herself against the wall and was now mostly bent over.  He was slamming his glorious cock into her violently and rubbing her clit at the same time.  After having the butt plug in for the last few hours at work,  Laura needed to cum now. Bill always seemed to read her needs and now was no different. He pushed all 9 inches deep into her and while still furiously rubbing her clit he took hold of the butt plug and started fucking her ass with it. Having both of her holes filled and fucked and pressure and vibrations of his fingers on her clit was too much. “Cum for me my pet.” Bill whispered in her ear and then bit and sucked at the back of her neck. With that she released what little hold she had and came. Her legs buckled and Bill held her up as she shivered and ground herself between the warmth of his body and the cold tile of the bathroom wall.

Bill loved the feel of Laura’s tight young cunt throbbing around his dick as she came. Fucking her with the plug in was exquisite because he could feel it rubbing his cock as he worked her ass with it. He was so hot now and he needed to cum. Pulling his cock and then butt plug out of Laura he heard her gasp. He then pulled her over and sat her down on the toilet he stroked his dick as she looked up at him. He was slick from all of her cum and his hand easily slid up and down his shaft. “You made a mess little girl, and you need to clean it up.”  he said holding himself to her mouth. Without hesitation she sucked his cock dripping with her own pussy cream as deep as she could. Bill loved making Laura suck him after he fucked her. She loved the taste of her own pussy on he made sure she tasted it often on his lips, fingers or cock. As he stood over her head watched her suck him. She wrapped one hand around the lower part of his shaft and stroked him while her mouth swirled up and down on the top half. Her other hand was fondling his balls. He groaned and started to pump his cock into her face in time with her rhythm.

Just then the door to the stall they were in burst open. Bill looked over in absolute shock at Kate. She was stepped into the stall and was holding her personal phone like back camera. Bill was so shocked that he didn’t even stop thrusting his cock into Laura’s mouth. “Oh don’t stop now babe,  we need the money shot.”  Kate said and he realized she was video recording them. Laura started to stand but Kate grabbed her by the shoulder and sat her down again. “What the Fuck are you doing Kate?” Bill demanded. “I could say the same Bill. You’re in a lot of fucking trouble here so you both better do what I say.”  Kate was in full on super attorney mode. Bill had seen her in court and knew the tone she was using. Shifting into high gear his brain made several fast calculations and he realized what she already knew. She had him by the balls. Unless he wanted to spend the next several years paying alimony to some who made five times his salary he had to play her game now. “Now, finish cuming on your little slut here.” Kate commanded. Laura looked up at them like a field mouse trapped between two barn cats. She started to stand and say something but Kate pushed her down again. “Don’t move again whore or I’ll make sure this video is seen by everyone you know.”  Kate snarled at her. Then she turned to Bill. She looked down and saw he was still hard. “Let me help you with this…”  she said taking his dick in her hand. She pulled him back towards Laura and started to stroke his cock in her face. “Kate,  I…”  He started to say. “Shut up Bill. All I want from you is your fucking cum all over this bitches face.” she cut him off.

Bill’s head was swimming with what was happening. He was still hard despite the shock and if he wasn’t  Kate was stroking his cock fast and swirling her hand as she went.  Still slick from a combination of Laura’s saliva and pussy Bill’s cock was well lubed and Kate was giving him one heck of a hand job   It was unbelievable that his previously frigid wife as jerking his cock off into his mistresses mouth in the bathroom of an upscale restaurant. How the fuck did he get here?  Kate had pocketed her phone and now ran her free hand over Laura’s cheek. “Such a pretty little slut you found Bill.” She said as she cupped Laura’s chin in her hand.  She traced over Laura’s lips with her thumb while jerking Bill’s cock off.  Laura looked more than a little frightened, but there was something deeper.  Was she turned on by this?  Bill was beginning to lose his concentration as his need to cum and the fast strokes of Kate’s tight grip on his slick cock were taking over.  He watched as Kate pushed her thumb into Laura’s mouth.  “Suck it Slut.” Kate commanded and Laura did.  “Mmmm, that’s it baby girl.  Now open up.” Kate grabbed Laura’s jaw with her thumb still in her mouth and pulled it open.  Laura had a wild look in her eyes and her mouth was forced open and the head of Bill’s cock was moved right in front.  Seeing her there with Kate holding her mouth open for his cum, Laura looked so fucking sexy.  Kate’s hand finally took its full effect and Bill could hold back now more.  “Fuck!” He grunted and came.
ERBK part1_1
Kate could feel his cum pumping from his balls up his long shaft and watched as it erupted from the head. She aimed the first wad of cum at Laura’s waiting mouth. Then she aimed higher and the second blast hit her across the nose, eyes and forehead.  The remaining blasts of sticky white cum were spread over her cheeks and chin.  When Bill was finished cumming, Laura’s face was covered in cum.  Kate still had her thumb in Laura’s mouth so it was covered in cum as well.  She continued to hold the girls mouth open, she fished her phone out of her pocket, opened the Camera App and snapped a photo of Laura.  Then Another.  And then a third.  When she was done she tucked the phone in her pocket and without looking back at Bill said, “Bill, go get the car. I paid the tab. I need to have a chat with the slut here.”  There was no questioning her tone, and Bill had to remind himself of the situation he was in.  Without saying a word, he slipped his still wet cock into his pants and walked out of the Men’s Room.

Kate looked Laura in the eye as she lifted her hand from Laura’s mouth.  Cum was dripping from it, so she licked it off.  She took her time letting the frightened girl see every drop as she licked it up without ever breaking eye contact. Laura had swallowed the cum in her mouth, but still had it covering most of her face.  “Now baby girl, here is what we are going to do.” Kate instructed as she leaned in real close to Laura’s face.  “You are going to clean yourself up and go back to work.  Make sure you don’t miss any. I don’t think you want to explain to your coworkers and boss why you have cum dripping from your face.” Kate leaned in closer and for a moment Laura thought she was going to kiss her.  Instead she licked a drip of cum off Laura’s cheek and swallowed it.

photo 4

“After that I have not decided what I am going to do about you fucking my husband.” Kate walked to the door of the stall and then turned back to Laura.  She held up her phone. “I video’d most of your dirty little fuck session, and I have some nice pictures of you dripping with cum. So when I do decide what I am going to do with you, you better be ready.  That is unless you want to see these on the Employee of the Month Board in the lobby here. Or on your Facebook page.  Or emailed to your parents.  Got it?” Kate fixed her with a steel eyes glare.  Unable to speak, Laura nodded, a strand of cum swinging from her chin as she did.  Kate turned and left the stall, leaving Laura with her pants around her ankles, panties soaked in her own juices, a well fucked pussy and ass, and a face full of cum.

Continued in “The Long Road Home”

Thanks to @sassytwatter for the amazing pics to go along with this story! If you like them follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Panty dampening, heartbeat racing, breath shortening…..Wow! And this is the second time I’ve read it today. Love the changes- you brought the naughty full circle! This is one sinfully spicy story. I can’t wait to see where you take us next on this scintillating ride of smut.

    So happy you liked the pictures! They way you used them especially the last one left me gasping.

    • Thank you! The pics were awesome. The last pic is why I actually had Kate lick some of the cum off Laura. The pic was just so fucking hot I had to add it. Can’t thank you enough!

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