On How These Thoughts Get in My Head

I have always loved to know the background of things.  When I read something I often wonder what made someone think of that, or where did the idea for that come from?  It always enhances my enjoyment of a story or film to learn about what went into creating it.  Since I know how I feel about this, I thought I would take some time and share with my readers how these thoughts get into my head, and how they then turn into stories.

Let’s start at the beginning.  While “The Commuters” was the first story published here on Engine Erotica, it was not my first effort.  When I first created my Twitter account I wanted to tweet short erotic “Episodes” in tweets. I thought it would be very interesting to do that with the limitations of Twitter, i.e. 140 characters.  So before I even created my blog I tweeted out what became “Something about Elevators.”  I can’t really say where the idea for this one came from.  It just seemed like it would be sexy to fool around with your lover in a crowded elevator where no one else knew what you were doing.  Later on I followed the same formula for “The Spreader Bar” and “Tweets from Last Night”.  These two blurbs were based more on recent experiences that I had and wanted to share.  What I have found is that when tweeting these episodes the audience easily loses the thread of it, depending on how busy their timeline is.  To a degree it works and gets peoples attention, but when collected in a blog entry it seems more complete.

So shortly after attempting to share erotica via tweets I realized that would never really work.  I was following several erotic bloggers like @strippakitty and @escortmemories and so I looked into WordPress.  I liked what I was seeing these ladies do and it inspired me to try and do the same.  So in September of last year I created Engine Erotica and wrote and posted “The Commuters”.  Some of you know how nerve wracking it can be to do this. I waited a while to see people start to read it.  Teri, a.k.a. @strippakitty was the first feedback I received on the story and it was exhilarating to have someone tell me they liked it!   So where did the story come from? The story of “The Commuters” was based on a combination of experience and fantasy. I have a long commute each day for work and spend as long as 4-5 hours a day commuting.  As you can imagine I spend much of those hours imagining various fantasies.   There was one morning where a woman across from me sat in a short skirt and with her legs spread.  I had an incredible view for my commute that morning.  I don’t think it was intentional, as it was in the story, but it did plant the idea for the first part.  The second part came from numerous hours stuck on a crowded train, often standing and crammed in with several unpleasant fellow commuters.  The idea of being jammed against a very attractive woman certainly made some of those hours more appealing.  The character of Eve was definitely based on someone I saw many days coming and going.  I would always watch for her and enjoyed when I could see her.  The later 3 parts are pure fantasy unfortunately.  Some of you may have noticed that the blonde who appears was named Kyla, and yes that is after @strippakitty’s stage name “Kyla Cummings”.  When I told her that the last part would be called “Room Service” she laughed and said she knew that the Blonde from Part 3 would reappear.  Since one of the things I hate doing is making up names for characters,  I asked Teri what a good name for the blonde was.  She offered up Kyla, so I went with that. It worked well,  and I actually re imagined the blonde as Kyla and it focused me a lot on the last part which I think was very hot.

As I was finishing the Commuter series I was thinking about a few new stories which would eventually become  “The Anniversary” and “Sonia”.  While I was planning those I was reading a lot of other bloggers work and I began wondering what it would be like to collaborate with another writer.  The idea I had was that it would be a story written from both the Guy and the Girl’s perspective.  The only other Erotica writers I knew at that time were female.  Almost as if on cue, Teri (@Strippakitty) tweeted that she was looking for ideas and wanted her followers to email her any that they had for new stories. I shot her an email and proposed the collaboration that became “The Seduction of Danni”.  I was very nervous about this.  I had only just started writing erotica and was afraid she would turn me down.  She did not and responded that she thought it was a great idea and would love to to do it.  I was thrilled and we exchanged a ton of emails planning the story and working out some logistics.  I pitched the idea of a married couple in their thirties, where the wife is Bi Curious and the Husband sets her up with a younger girl for her birthday.  Teri loved the idea.  She put herself in the younger girls role and really thought the idea of seducing an older woman and being her first lesbian experience was very sexy.  The use of Twitter in how Ben finds Kyla and the fact that we used Teri’s twitter persona was her idea.  She felt it would be easier for readers to put themselves in either Ben or Danni’s place.  Using her own twitter info also made it more real, she believed. That also played a role in where the story is set.  I live in NJ and Teri is in Philadelphia, so I used that in the opening scenes which of course led to road head as Ben and Danni drove to Philadelphia!  Serendipitous, I know.  The lingerie I described Danni wearing was based on a set I bought several years ago as a Valentine’s Day gift that is one of my all time favorite purchases, so I put Danni in it. I always think a man should go out of his way to make his woman feel sexy, and I think buying her sexy lingerie is a great way of doing that. Later I saw a picture that very much reminded me of this, so I added it to the story.


As we continued to work on the plot we decided on the story having a threesome after Danni and Kyla fucked.  I thought it would be very hot to have Kyla come retrieve Ben from the bar where he was waiting and that she would be wearing Danni’s dress.  It was a way of her telling him that she had just fucked his wife.  Teri added on that it would be great if Ben was telling the guys in the Bar what was happening and how they would not believe him, so when Kyla walks right up to him with a kiss and rubs in cock in the middle of the bar, they are all there with their jaws on the floor.  I think that scene in the bar is a great little piece of that story.  I will say that experience of writing that story with Teri is one I cherish.  I was excited each morning to see an email from her or an update to the draft.  I clearly remember when I first read the scene between Danni and Kyla that she wrote.  The first thing that struck me was that she started off the scene with the title “The Seduction of Danni”.  We had discussed names for the story but nothing was working.  Nothing made sense.  I am not even sure she meant that as the name, but it worked so well I mentioned we should use that and she agreed.  The raw sexuality of that scene blew me away.  Teri had taken it to a whole new level of pure fucking.  It totally changed the way I approached the scene of the threesome.  The tone of what she had done pushed me to get more sexual and go full on, no holds barred.  Looking back on it now I think the story stands on its own.  When I recollect our emails on how the story should go it was amazing how well we riffed off one another.  If I threw out an idea, she took that and embellished on it, making it better.  One thing I should mention is that starting with this story I tried to challenge myself in ways regarding the actual writing.  For “The Seduction of Danni” the challenge was managing the various points of view between 1st and 3rd person.  Teri and I agreed on how some of the shifts would occur and then we wrote it.  I think it worked well and the narrative easily moves from 3rd person to 1st person Ben then 1st person Kyla and back to 1st person Ben.  I was happy to see Teri adapt some of this in her “Secret Life of Leah Baker” series.  “The Seduction of Danni”  is the most popular story on my blog, and we have received tremendous feedback on it. I think we are both very proud of it.

Once “The Seduction of Danni” was completed we both turned back to what we were working on before.  For Teri it was her “Pole Tricks” series.  I turned back to the two stories I was working on before that. The next one I posted was “Sonia”.  This was a story more based on real experience than anything prior.  That story is very real with only some minor alterations to protect the innocent.  I was a late bloomer when it came to sex and relationships, and the experience that is behind that story gave me a lot of confidence in myself and my sexuality.  What I wanted to do in the writing of this piece was let the dialogue flow more naturally and remove the ‘ he said’, and ‘she said’ parts.  If the dialogue is good enough the reader knows who is talking and how they are saying what they are saying.  Its something I go back and forth with in how I write, and I am still not 100% sure which works better.

The second story after “Seduction of Danni” that I released was “The Anniversary”.  This one is also heavily based on real experience with some minor alterations.  I wanted to write something that was sexy and erotic but that also had an emotional core to it.  Also I wanted to put something out that’s about keeping things fresh and exciting in your sex life.  Many married couples fall into a pattern and the passion and heat of their sex lives cools off.  I have always tried to be aware of that and to heat things back up from time to time. Also there so much in sex that comes from trust and communication.  The part in the beginning about learning what she likes and fantasies about is very true. You have to talk and you have to trust one another to have mind shattering sex once you have been together for a while.  So I wanted this story to capture that, and I based it on something I did several years ago.  I got the idea for the jeweled butt plug that is somewhat synonymous with this story from someone I was following on twitter.  She had posted pics of it and talked about how it was her favorite.  It struck me as incredibly sexy to have jewelry like this, so I incorporated it into the story.  I know at least one of my followers has since bought and used one after seeing the pictures linked to the story, which I think is fantastic!  The other thing I wanted to try in this story was to incorporate music.  I think we all use music as a backdrop to romance and sexuality.  People always have that special song that reminds them of someone.  I am sure many of you have favorite types of music to fuck to depending on the mood.  I know I do.  So I tried to include some of my favorite songs where I thought the lyrics tied in nicely.  I wonder how many of you have gone and listened to those songs after reading this story.  “The Anniversary” is a very popular story as well.  I get a lot of feedback on it.  I hope that some couples out there take a page from it and surprise each other like this.  If you do, let me know how it goes, I would love to hear about that!

These last three stories were all posted quickly one after another and I was wondering what to do next.  In October I went on vacation and experienced a couples massage.  That was the obvious inspiration for my next story, “Couples Massage”. (I bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?)  My experience of the massage was absolutely not anything like what takes place in the story.  I think I wanted to get away from the more emotional and real life stories like “The Anniversary” or “Sonia”.  I wanted to do something more in line with the raw sex in “Seduction of Danni” and I thought that a Couples Massage turned Orgy was a great backdrop.  I liked the idea of each pairing watching the other and the dynamic of foreplay mixed with voyeurism. It was a straightforward sex story and the only real challenge I gave myself was keeping track of who was doing what to whom.  It was also fun to write a more sexually aggressive female character in Amy.  I did name her after one of my first crushes, although that Amy was nothing like the one in the story.  At least to my knowledge!  Even though it’s told through his perspective Amy is the centerpiece of the story.

I travel for work several times a year and I always appreciate how wonderful it feels to get home.  In some cases my homecoming has been very memorable if you take my meaning.  If you don’t I mean that there was incredibly intense fucking going on.  So that takes us to “The Return”.  I wanted to capture that sense of the homecoming, but then I wanted to turn it into more.  Via Twitter I had come in contact with several people who either were in Dominant/Submissive lifestyles or who were very interested and turned on by the idea of it.  I was amazed at how many women really wanted to be more submissive and how badly they wanted their men to be more dominant.  Some want this throughout their whole lifestyle and some just want it in their bedroom or sexual life.  So I thought that flavor went very well with a homecoming theme.  Just how would a Sub welcome her master home?  This is the kind of story that once I started it, it wrote itself.  That happens sometimes where I honestly feel that I am just recording the story and not creating it.  Like it was there all along and I am just the conduit to putting it on the page.  The image of the Collared Sub handing her master the leash as he comes home was the jumping off point for me.  From there the story flowed out.  The part about how he trained her to deep throat just came from seeing some people on twitter assign tasks and play the whole Dom/Sub roles through an online relationship.  So Doing it over email seemed like a natural progression for a Master and his Pet.  I think everyone looks at a little porn at work.  Especially now with smartphones and social networks.  Its a thrill.  So the idea of her having to watch these porn videos and get back to him quickly was fun.  The challenge of that story, and what I was most nervous about, was writing first person female.  Men and women are different.  We see things differently and we process things differently.  I know many of my readers are women and I did not want them to reject the voice of the sub narrating the story.  It has become a very popular story so I guess I pulled it off.

When I was in college I had a friend who lived in Philadelphia so I would drive the hour or so down the NJ/PA Turnpikes to visit with him.  During one of those trips I found myself on the NJ Turnpike and carving my way through the traffic when I noticed that a nice little BMW was making the same moves as I was through the lanes of cars.  At one point the BMW passed me and sure enough there was a hot older woman driving it.  I wouldn’t say that we were racing but it was definitely a game of trying to get in front of the other, jockeying for position.  We both turned off towards Philadelphia and continued into PA.  She exited the high way before me and as she did, she  looked over and waved at me as she headed on her way.  When I told my friend this story he smacked me and asked why I did not get off and follow her!  That is the origin of “Auto Erotica”.  In a sense,  what would have happened if I had? The concept of flirting with someone by the way you drive was the key to it.  I wanted to see if I could make the driving sexual.  Of course, I added the actual sex part too.  I liked the idea of her making him drive fast while they fucked.  It was only after I wrote it that I realized I need to put a disclaimer on the story.  I usually want people to try the things in my stories, but here I needed to advise against it.  Never thought I would need to do that but the story,  and my blog were picking up more and more steam so I figured it had to be done. Auto Erotica was also the first story I added a picture too.  Some the ones that were already posted had pictures added later so depending on when you read them, you may or may not have seen them.  As I was thinking about the second part of “Auto Erotica” a follower on twitter was telling me how much she loved the story and that she always fantasized about “… Sex on the Bonnet.”   Bonnet? Like as in head wear from Little House on the Prairie? I thought this was interestingly kinky but couldn’t figure out how that went with “Auto Erotica.”  Turns out that Bonnet means the hood of the car when translated from English to English. I re figured what I had planned on and made that part of the scene. She was thrilled and so was I.  My favorite thing in part 2 is where he uses his shirt to hold her head and throat fuck her. I have no idea where that came from, another example of the story telling itself, but I really liked that idea. “Auto Erotica” was very popular and was one of the first stories that I received a lot of reviews,  comments and general feedback. So far no lawsuits though, so apparently the disclaimer is doing its job!

The idea of sex in the office is very common.  Over the last few months I have a representative of a Staffing agency come to visit me a few times.  This girl is stunning.  Very, Very Sexy with amazing full lips.  When she is sitting in my office talking to me all I can think about is …well, you can imagine.  So the idea of an office sex story was taking root.  But it was so cliche I wanted to do something different.  When the idea came to me for the “The Appointment” I knew it was the right way to go with that story.  I wanted to again touch on the topic of keeping things hot and the twist at the end of that story is another example.  I don’t want to say too much in case you haven’t read it! Again this is the kind of story I would love to know if anyone has tried it!

When I first started Engine Erotica I had an idea for a story where a wife catches her husband with a mistress and fucks them both. It was a very rough concept and I kept revisiting it, but it just wasn’t crystallizing. Then all of a sudden it did and I wrote “The Twitter Crush”. I have talked a lot here about planning these stories. Often that means just thinking through how the plot should flow. I usually hit a point where I stop thinking and start writing and hopefully the story takes over and tells itself. This was most true with this series. I had turned over how this story should work in my mind on and off for months. When I started to write it just exploded. I knew the plot of a cheating husband would make the story and bit hard to take. Most people don’t like the idea of infidelity and many have lived through it first hand. So I wanted to be very careful and make the people in this story very human.  I wanted to show the different sides of their situation.   I used twitter again to connect Bill and Laura because I think there are many men who follow sexy girls who post sexy pics. Someone I follow who has a huge following and posts nudes actually found out that one of her followers who she talked to often was lying to her when he said he was single when his wife called her! Bill’s online persona being more dominant and aggressive is also a common thing. I believe we all present extremes on social media as we feel safe in our anonymity. So the story started to turn from a cheating story into something about three people who weren’t being 100% real with themselves and who change that through some intense situations. People going on a journey if you will. The jeweled butt plug reappears just because I still think it’s hot. I love idea of sending one to someone and telling to wear it. “The Twitter Crush”  was also the first time I used pictures that @SassyTwatter provided. I let her read it as a draft and she sent me a ton of pictures. They were all amazing and fit so well. I used them throughout the series and in some cases changed some details of the story because a pic inspired something different.

Writing “The Long Road Home” followed immediately after and I had planned to wait for that one, but I had to get it out of me. A lot of the emotions in the scene in the car as Bill and Kate drove home were very raw, very close to home. When someone told me they cried reading it, I knew that all translated directly to that scene.  Knowing how hard it can be to stay on track in a relationship and keep things sexy I wanted to show how Kate and Bill got to where they were. As I said earlier, communication is a key.  When you aren’t getting what you need you need to ask for it.  I think we all want to be just understood, and it Made Sense that Kate didn’t want to tell Bill to take control.  If you have to be told to do that, are you really taking control, or just following orders?  Its a catch 22. It was a hard story to write and I was very worried about it being too emotional and not hot enough.  Because of that I made the sex in the car and the sex in the entry way especially hot.  I wanted it to counter the emotions of the preceding scenes.  I think my favorite part of that story was when Bill covers Kate at the door so the neighbor can’t see she’s almost naked. In the midst of taking on that dominant role it was such a tender gesture by him. I think that is part of what works in this series,  that you see the inner emotions of people acting out very externalized fantasies.

I originally meant for “Pay Back is a Bitch” to be only one part. I had a lot of fun writing the scene with Kate and Laura and the interplay between them that it got too long. My first idea was that Laura would be very unwilling to have sex with Kate and it would be a more forceful domination piece. That was not how these two ladies wanted the scene to go. The leash and how Kate rides Laura’s face were totally inspired by the picture in that part.

ETBK part 3

I knew the second part would involve Bill being pegged. It’s also something I was concerned with. I didn’t know if it would be a turn  on or a turnoff for the majority of readers. It was the best way I saw for Kate to really pay him back. It also showed that there can be a back and forth between who is dom and who is sub.  I thought the scene was very hot and would challenge most men to deny they wouldn’t hesitate to be in Bill’s place for that scene. Having two sexy women work you over like that would have to be worth and little ass fucking. The final scene in the shower is one I imagined early on in the series. I knew how I wanted it to end and I loved the way that came out.

There are definitely several more stories rolling around my head involving that threesome. What was Bill and Laura’s first night like,  and what are some of things they did before they got caught?  How did Kate really climb to partner so fast? Why does she spend so much time at the gym?  What would a dinner party be like at Bill and Kate’s house where Laura served the meal, and was the meal? So you will see them again.

Well I hope this was an interesting read, and you enjoyed some of the Stories behind the Stories.  There is a lot more to come hopefully and I already have a few collaboration projects in the works and ideas for more many more stories.  I am also looking into Publishing via Smashwords, so keep an eye out for those details!

Thank you all for reading my work.  I love to hear your thoughts so don’t be shy with comments here or on Twitter!

Engine Erotica

7 responses to “On How These Thoughts Get in My Head

  1. Your stories have a way of reaching me both in that wonderful tittalating and tantalizing way that just drives me crazy and leaves me breathless and with a one track mind. But also in a very real emotional level which to me adds to the whole experience. I tend to get very wet top to bottom when reading your stories.

    I am so happy E that you are going to publish! Your writing needs to be shared. It is some of the most moving and sexual thrilling I have read. The way you are able to capture the desire and lust while still holding on to deeper feelings of love and trust is perfection. It is for me what makes your stories so spectacular. It is unusually to have this mix of passion and reality in erotic stories. 

    Your stories have that perfect mix of reality and fantasy. Knowing that it steams partially from real life is the frosting on the cupcake for me. I know they have helped me start down on the road to some things we had talked about. As a couple we have enjoyed reading together watching “The Seduction of Danni” unfold. 

    I don’t know exactly how I happened upon you I imagine it was Smutty. I blame her for everything. But your first story I read was “Something about Elevators” left me with such an urgent need that I left my hotel room and promptly pulled my husband out of a conference room into a vacant office. I later had to share with him your story as he was somewhat surprised by my out of the blue sexts mid day & arrival at the office.

    “The Anniversary” story is still probably one of my favorite. Partially because I did something similar but also could identify with the wife in the story. You said it perfect that you need to keep it fresh and exciting- it is to easy to fall into a pattern with the realities of daily life. It is critical to keep talking and sharing to be able to get the sex you crave. Marriage isn’t the end of amazing sex it can be the start of an amazing or continuing adventure if you trust each other witty your inner most secrets.

    Thank you for the very sweet shout out on the “Twitter Crush Series”.  I almost forgive you E. It was so much fun reading the rough drafts seeing Bill, Laura and Kate come alive as you wrote the story. I can’t tell you how many times I read this while looking for the perfect pictures but each time it made my heart beat faster and tears stream down my cheeks. Somehow you were able to make this story not just incredible scintillating and sexy but chalked full of emotion and pain. The tension in the car ride home to the protection Bill gave Kate at the door speak to your amazing  writing abilities. I will say it was somewhat amusing when my husband asked what I was doing when he woke up one night to find me awake & on my iPad and I said emailing photos for E’s story. I did get a little bit of the what the hell are you thinking but then I read the story and one thing led to another……

    • You leave me speechless with such wonderful commentary as above. That makes this worth while! Knowing that it affects you and that you act on it is so gratifying to me. I appreciate the work you put into the pictures! I am amazed when see how on target they are, and how classy and sexy. Thank you for the pictures and Thank you for the warm and wonderful words.

  2. I love that you have done this. I too suffer from the need to know how things came to be – when did you come up with that – how did that idea lead to the next and such. The fact that you broke it down into the different things that you have done is awesome too.
    My jaw hit the floor when I read that you only start your blog in September, that’s amazing – to have done so much in such a short space of time 🙂 bravo
    As for your writing – I’m with sassy on this one, you just make the skin sizzle and I love reading what you come out with either in your stories or on twitter 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  3. E, I have to agree with everything Sassy said. You are an amazing, talented man. You have been busy since September but the best is yet to come. I look forward to watching you achieve greatness. Xoxo

    • E you can see how much your writing means to us- your 3 biggest cheerleaders! I look forward to seeing you work published so that you share your scintillating words with others. I feel very for fortunate that I stumbled across you & we became friends (can I say that does it count if its on twitter?) Your writing has definitely left a permanent impression on me and for that thank you! One of your biggest cheerleaders & yes if need be I will put in the outfit & cheer! Ok maybe delete this I broke down took Codine for my lingering cough (your damn city’s fault). Probably time to shut phone down.

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