The Power of Cords

You come in the door more than a little anxious.  This was not at all how you expected to return home today.  The day had started out so good.  But then….well, you fucked it up.  Now you were unsure of what you faced from him.

Today was going to be special.  A first for both of you.  It was something that started among many conversations about sexuality and different lifestyles.  Then you had asked him if he would like to do it;  Would he like to be your Master for the day.  Just for one day.  But for that day he would be your Sir, and you would be his Pet in all things.  You were nervous about asking.  So far you had a tremendously adventurous and sexy relationship.  The openness you both had was amazing and you worried that this request would finally be too much.  That he would not want to, and that this would become a problem between you.  Of course that was not the case and your worries were baseless.  He agreed and the gleam in his eye told you that may find yourself wishing you had not asked him for this.

You had agreed upon a day the following week and had discussed several parameters.  There were agreements on hard and soft limits.  You both agreed to a day where you each would be at work but that if anything would possibly jeopardize your job, it was a hard limit.  Throughout your relationship to date it was not uncommon for you to sext while at work, or to sneak a quick dirty photo and send it off.  You loved a few shots he had sent you of his hard cock with cum all over it and his hand.  That day you had told him all of the sexy dirty things you were planning to do to him when you got home that night.  He responded with the pictures and said that he had to take the edge off so that you would need to work harder that night.  That night the pictures of his cum covered cock had you so hot that as soon as he came in the door you pinned him to the wall, slipped his cock out of suit pants and sucked him deep and hard.  You almost came when you could taste his jizz on that first lick of beautiful cock head.  So by selecting a day you would both be at work you knew that the slow burn of whatever he asked of you that day would come to full eruption when you got home that evening.

The days leading up to it were torture.  He made several comments about the plans he was making for the day but did not let any details slip.  You tried to fuck them out of him on several occasions, but all that did was get you cut off.  In fact three days before the agreed upon day, he forbade you from cumming.  He would not get you off and you were not allowed to touch yourself.  Of course that was a living hell as your mind continuously wandered to what you would be made to do that day.  You were in an almost constant state of arousal and it was a massive distraction.

The night before the appointed day he gave you a small package and sent you out his door, back to your own place to sleep. You were instructed not to open the package until the morning. You somehow managed to not to open the package early. After all this game had been your request so it would have been self defeating if you did not live up to the role of Pet.

You tossed and turned that night until at 12:01 am your phone buzzed and chirped with the tone that meant a message from him. You could not deny a thrill as you opened your phone and his message


You smiled to yourself.

Yes sir?

There was a longer than normal pause and you wondered what was happening on his end while your phone politely informed you that he was preparing to send you a message.

Your phone buzzed in your hands and you had quick thought of how that would feel against your throbbing clit. That thought was dispelled the second you read his message.

What are you doing up slut? I told you to get a good night’s sleep.

I have many,  many plans for you tomorrow and you will be no use to me tired.






Your stomach did a backflip at that message and you quickly typed out

Yes Master.

I’m sorry to have disappointed you.

His reply was quick.

Don’t be sorry now, time enough for that tomorrow. Go to sleep.

A quick yes sir and you forced yourself to sleep.

You awoke that morning and almost began your morning as you would have any other. That changed when you saw the package on your dressing table. The butterflies in your stomach all took flight at the same instant. The latent promises of the package was enthralling. As you stared at it,  your phone did the familiar buzz and chirp you had come to look forward to throughout your day. Only now you found a sense of trepidation as you opened up the message.

Good morning Pet. I hope you slept well. If not,  we’ll then today will probably be much harder. Have you opened the package yet?

No sir, just looking at it now.

May I open it Master?

You may,  my pet.

This made you smirk to yourself.  In the light of the early morning there was a cheesy air about the ‘Sir’s, ‘Master’s, and ‘My Pet’s that you could only roll your eyes at.  Of course you had asked for this out of curiosity of what this lifestyle could feel like.  Your idea had been to live the day in the life of a submissive. You started to shrug off the thought but found your eyes scrolling up to his message from last night. You played that back in your mind, his voice tight and controlled saying each word with a hard and unquestionable authority. When you got to ‘Slut’ you felt an involuntary shiver. This may be a lot more fun,  now that you think of it.

Inside the package you found what you almost laughingly thought of as his version of a Sub’s care package. There was black sheer G string, fishnet thigh highs, a set of nipple clamps, a jeweled butt plug, and a sealed envelope addressed to ‘My Pet’ in his careful handwriting. When you lifted the envelope you saw the final item that the package contained. A narrow black leather collar with silver buckle and a leash. Holding that in your hands brought the reality of what today would be home to you in a way that nothing else had. You could feel your juices start to flow as you handled the stiff leather.

You blushed at the contents of the package but found yourself tearing into the envelop all the same. Inside was a note that he had written out and a small necklace with a simple charm. The charm was a simple set of rings looped through the chain. On closer inspection she noticed the inscription. “Mine”.  You ran your fingers over the tiny inscription and now could feel yourself getting completely wet. You set charm down and opened the note.


Today you will follow these rules from the moment you read this until I instruct otherwise.  Any deviation from,  or failure to obey these instructions will lead to the punishment of my choosing.

In public you are to wear the charm at all times, in private you are to wear the collar and leash.

    1. You are not to eat, use the restroom, or cum without my permission.
    2. You will shave yourself clean. This will be confirmed by a close up picture sent to me by 9 am of your smooth shaven cunt and asshole. If I see a single hair, or find the picture of unsatisfactory quality there will be a punishment.
    3. You are to wear the g-string and thigh highs I have provided. No Bra will be allowed.  You will put these on and again confirm via a photo sent to me before you leave for work.
    4. You will wear the pink wrap around dress you wore to dinner last week.  I expect your tits will look amazing and the soft cotton with show off those hard nipples all day.
    5. You will have the butt plug and clamps with you at all times.
    6. You will be available to me at all times. Delays in responding to me will lead to a punishment.
    7. Throughout the day you will receive tasks and I expect them to be carried out immediately.
    8. At the end if your work day you will go directly to my apartment and await further instructions.

We agreed upon a safe word for the day. Send me a message now confirming the safe word and that you are ready to begin.


Holy Shit!, you thought. He was really taking this serious. Your thoughts were scrambled for a minute and then your phone buzz – chirped and took you out of your malaise.


Sir, my safe word is ‘fire’.

Thank you for these gifts.

It’s almost 8:30 pet and I think you have some things to take care of.

You looked at the clock, he was right. You needed to get a move on it.

You headed in to the bathroom and then remembered his instructions.

Sir,  may I use the restroom,  

and then make myself some coffee?

Yes pet.

You quickly set the coffee up and then jumped into the shower for a fast clean up. Thank God you had scheduled a waxing two days ago. All you had left was a small patch of hair at the top of your slit. You had let that grow in at his request and he loved to pull those hairs and cum in your little patch. But you had kept everything else well groomed. So it was simple to shave off that patch,  although you did it somewhat reluctantly thinking of how it felt when he pulled those hairs or when his warm cum washed over them.

You took your phone and snapped a few pics of your now clean shaven holes. You reviewed them and found one that was clear, and incredibly lewd. You checked the time 8:56 am and then sent that off to him with the note ‘Sir, your pet is ready for inspection’. There was a quick reply, ‘Very nice my pet’.

A cup of coffee accompanied you as you finished up your hair and makeup and started to dress. Slipping on the g-string and fish net thigh highs you took a moment to consider yourself in the mirror.  You slipped on your black patent leather heels and that seemed to set off the outfit. If you could even call it an outfit. You looked Damn sexy. The g-string was sheer and you could easily make out your clean shaven slit. Your tits stood out proud and yes, he was right, your nipples would be hard as rocks today. You snapped off another few pics and then selected the best one and sent it to him.

Sir, may I put on my dress and leave for work?

Where is your collar?

Oh fuck! You thought. Technically you were in private…. You quickly put it on. It felt just a but tight around your neck and the weight of the leash made you very aware of it.  You took another picture setting it up as if he was holding the leash.

photo 3 (5)

I’m sorry Master

Slut,  if you can’t follow simple instructions it’s going to be a long day for you. I think riding to work with your tight little asshole plugged should help remind you to take more care in doing as you’re told. Send me a pic of your ass plugged and then you may dress and leave for work. When you arrive you will send me another pic of your plugged asshole from your office. I will decide then if you can remove it, or if you need further reminders.

You were no stranger to anal play, still the plug was something new.  You applied a small amount of lube and then fingered your ass a few times trying to relax yourself before trying the plug.  It was not huge, but it was not small either.  You pushed it in, feeling it stretch you.  It burned a bit as the thickest part pushed past your sphincter.  You let it slip back out and found yourself enjoying that sensation.  Another push in and this time it sank into place.  The base of it was wide so it held itself in place.  It gave you a feeling of fullness, and when you moved you were very aware of it. You took a few steps and felt that it would not fall out, and also that you could see getting used to it.  You were now hopelessly wet and extremely turned on from pushing it into your ass.  You looked at in the mirror and saw the jeweled base sparkling back at you.  Another set of pictures of the plug, and then you sent the best one on to him.

Anniversary (2)

Master, does my plugged ass please you?

Very much, my pet.  You may head to work now.

While you quickly found the plug to be comfortable as you dressed and walked about your apartment, going down the stairs into the parking garage and getting into the low bucket seats of your car were a totally different experience.  You became acutely aware of how poorly your local municipality had been maintaining the roads.  Each and every bump seemed to vibrate through the plug into your ass and then straight to your pulsating clit.  Stopped at a light you could not help but look down and see your swollen and wet pussy through the sheer black fabric of the g string.  You ran one finger over your slit and the shiver it sent through you almost made you cum.

Finally you arrived at work and headed to your office as quickly as possible.  Without thinking you headed to the stairs as you normally would and walked up the two flights to where your office was.  The plug made those stairs deliciously intense.  The second you were in your office, you closed and locked the door, pulled up your dress, pulled aside the black string and took a hasty pic of the jeweled base of the butt plug that had tortured you for the last half hour.  You sent it to him without even considering if it was good enough quality.

Sir, I have arrived at work and remain plugged.  

May I remove it?  

I need to Cum, Master.  Very badly.  

Would it please you to let me cum?

Very Good my Pet.  You seem to be enjoying yourself if you are in such dire need.  Yes you may remove the plug for now.  You may also make yourself cum, but I want to see the evidence of your orgasm.

You barely finished reading his message before you were in your chair, feet spread and up on your desk.  Your one hand slipped inside your g string and rubbed your wet slit, opening yourself.  Your other hand found the base of the plug and slowly pulled it out.  Your fingers found your clit as the plug stretched you on its way out.  The combined sensations had you biting your lip to keep quiet and you found yourself pushing the plug back in while you rubbed your sensitive bud.  It did not take more than a few strokes of the plug in your ass and your fingers on your clit before your started to cum.  You slipped the plug out and thrust three fingers deep inside yourself as your pussy flooded with your orgasm.

photo (35)

As you came down from the pleasure washing through you, you had an exceptionally filthy idea.  He had asked for evidence of your orgasm but had not been specific.  Still in your chair with your legs up and three fingers in your still pulsing pussy, you grabbed your phone and opened the camera app. You switched to video and hit record.  You filmed as slowly slid your fingers out and rubbed them over your wet pussy.  Panning down a bit you made sure to get a view of your recently fucked asshole.  You then held your fingers up to the camera and were pleased with how they glistened with your juice.  “Sir, thank you for this sweet cum.” you said in a low husky voice and then continued to film as you lifted your fingers to your lips and slowly sucked each of the three fingers into your mouth.  “Mmmm.  I hope this pleases you Master.”  And then you switched off the video.

After you had collected yourself, you replayed the video and were very pleased with the absolute debauchery of it.  If he was going to torture you today, then you were not going to make it easy on him.  You sent the video to him via email with the subject line of ‘Evidence’.

With a post orgasmic glow and sense of self satisfaction your started up your computer and set about getting some work done.  Several minutes later, your phones buzzed again, but this time as you started to open up his reply to your email, your phone alerted you that the battery was low and you needed to plug it in.  You fished around in your purse for your power cord as you read his simple response.

That was excellent my pet.  You have pleased me very well.  I shall send your first task soon. For now get some work done.

Not finding the cord blindly with your hand, you turned your full attention to your purse.  Starting to panic, you went to a full on ransacking of the bag.  No cord turned up.  Now panic turned to dread as you remembered the cord plugged into the wall next your bed.  At Home.  You did not plug it in after the messages with him last night.  Now after the pics and video this morning, it was soon to be dead.  All of the plans about today, and all of the work he had clearly put into this.  All of the fun that this had been so far was now ruined because of that stupid fucking cord!

Your phone prompted you again to plug it in.  Fuck you! you thought angrily.  Well there was no avoiding it now.

Sir, we have a problem.  I left the power cord for my phone at home and my battery is almost dead.  I don’t know what other plans you had for me today, but pretty soon I will not be able to use my phone.  I am sorry, I will make it up to you this evening.

It seemed to take forever to see a reply.

That is very disappointing, Pet.  Yes, you will be making up for this later on.  For now, you will slip those panties off and push them inside your dirty little cunt.  Send me a pic of that.  They are to remain there until I say.  When you leave for the day, you will plug your ass again.  You are to come straight to my place where I will have a sufficient punishment waiting for your failure today.

That he stayed in character made it worse.  As upset as you were about this, the promise in his last message was more than a little exciting. At your desk you slipped off the g-string and slowly pushed them inside yourself so only the string itself was exposed.  It was a very odd sensation, but not unpleasant.  A quick photo of that, which you had to admit was sexy as hell, and you sent that to him right away.

Panty stuff

Your Pet’s pussy is nicely stuffed and will await your pleasure this evening, Master.

Very good Slut.

When you read that last message you could not help but suppress a shiver.  His words were very sexy.  You could almost hear his voice saying “slip those panties off and push them inside your dirty little cunt.” or calling you “Slut”.  Without thinking you found yourself again stroking your pussy.  The little bit of the g string poking out caught on your finger and you started to pull it up and down your slit, rubbing the fabric along your wet lips and clit.  Before you even knew it you were cumming again.  You pushed the panties back inside yourself making sure a bit of that string was poking out and quickly collected yourself.  Amazingly you felt very guilty that you came without his permission.  Absently licking your juices from your fingers you thought about what a horrible sub you were.

So there you were stepping into his apartment in your pink wrap dress with no underwear on.  Your nipples were hard under the fabric and starting to get a bit sore.  The g-string was still in your pussy and its presence there was a constant stimulus throughout the day, although you did not touch it again.  The plug filled your ass and the ride to his apartment was as entertaining with it in place as the ride to your office had been that morning.

As you started to look around for him, he came down the hall from the bedroom.  He is wearing that dark suit that you love on him.  The look on his face is dark, and does not give anything away.

“Hello sir” you say meekly.

“Welcome Pet”  He looks you up and down.  “Go in the bedroom, take off this dress and wait for me on your knees.”  His voice is tight and commanding.  You slip past him and do as you were instructed.  The cool air of his bedroom feels nice on your nipples once you remove the dress.  The torture of their excitement and the cotton rubbing over them all day was almost too much.  You kneel at the foot of his bed and assumed the best Sub pose that you could.

He walks in and places something on the bed.  You keep your eyes on the floor so you do not know what it is.  He steps in front of you and you can not help but look up.  The bulge in his suit pants is rather apparent, and he looks down on you with the same dark expression.

“Since you had trouble remembering your power cord today I went out and got you a few back ups.  Even still, I believe you now require a very stern lesson on why it is important to keep these cords handy, and how they can be best used.”  With this he holds out his hand and you can see that he has fashioned several power cords into a new collar and leash for you.  He slips the collar over your neck and tightens it.  Where the leather collar had been tight but comfortable, this was tight and dug into the skin of your neck.  “Come along pet.” he says and walks across the large bedroom and tugs on the leash.  You crawl behind him, following your master.  As you crawl along in his wake, your pussy and ass pulse from the shifting and movement of their occupants.  He turns and you stop your crawl.  “Very Good” he says, reaches down and cups your chin.  When he runs his thumb over your lips you lick it and he thrusts it into your mouth for you to suck.  You find yourself thinking of the taste of his cock as you suck his thumb and can feel yourself start to drip with need.

photo 4 (6)

He pulls his thumb free and his hand slips down to your throat and between his grip and a pull on the cord-leash he pulls you up on your feet.  His grip at your throat is tight as he pulls you close to him.  You can feel his hard cock against you as he whispers in your ear, “I was really enjoying myself today until you fucked it up, slut.”  His breath is warm on your ear and the stiffness of him is an incredible reminder that he is as hot right now as you are.

“I’m sorry Sir…I was..” You try to say but he cuts you off.

“Shut up Slut!  If I want to hear your voice I will tell you what to say.”

You nod, not wanting to speak again.  His hand slides down your body and cups your breast. He gives a gentle squeeze and then runs his fingers over your now extra sensitive nipples. Thumb and forefinger close over your hard bud and give a light tug and twist. You wince as this sends an electric pulse through your nerve endings. His other hand slips into his pants pocket and emerges with the nipple clamps. “I chose these clamps because they are designed to tighten when pulled. Or weighted down.” he says in a very everyday boardroom presentation sort of voice. He opens the clover clamp and fixes it to the nipple he just teased. The pressure is immediate but only a bit more than his fingers had just applied. He then clamps the other nipple and lets the chain that connects the clamps hang between your breasts. That little bit of weight tightens the clamps ever so slightly and sends out a fresh set of tingles. He steps away to the dresser and returns holding several power cords for your phone. You spend about a half second wondering how many he has, but that thought flies from your mind when he drapes one of the cords over the chain between the clamps. Slightly more weight, more electrifying tingles.

“Not bad Pet.”  now there is a smugness to his voice. He holds up your hands and puts them together. Taking another cord he ties your wrists tightly. He walks you back to the bed, and turns you around so your back is to him.  His hard dick is now firmly pressed against the cleft of your ass.  You are then bent over the bed forcefully.  “Do Not Move.” he commands. Your hands are tied and you are resting on the bed on your forearms, bent at the waist. The chain and it’s power cord weight now hang from your nipples pulling at them and squeezing simultaneously. He adds two more cords as weights to the chain and you take in a sharp breath.

“Just a start my pet, now keep your eyes forward.”

You look forward and now cannot see him at all.   You hear some movement and then feel another power cord as it is dragged down your spine. Actually you think it is several cords being held in a loop. He drags it down your spine and into to Valley of your ass cheeks. The cords tighten and you think he must be holding both sides. Now the cord is pulled tight between your legs and slips inside your pussy lips. Slowly he starts to drag the cords back and forth through your wet folds. He is pulling them very hard into you so this creates a mix of the pleasure of them stroking your sensitive cunt and the pain of them cutting into that same sensitive place. “You are exceptionally wet. Such a dirty little slut.” The amusement in his voice almost makes you want scream.

“Now you will need to keep count. We will start with ten lashes, and see how you do. Do not move, and do not lose count.”

A cold shiver runs through you. Lashes? Did he fucking say Lashes? As it is you are bent over in his bedroom with weighted clamps hanging from your nipples, a g-string stuffed in your pussy and a jeweled butt plug in your ass.

As you are taking inventory you feel him pull the leash he has fashioned from power cords and it tightens about your throat. And of course we can’t forget this leash, you think as you lift your head to alleviate that pressure.

The first lash strikes and dispels all of these thoughts from your mind. Your ass cheek explodes with new sensations and while your brain tries to process them his voice pulls you back to where you are. “Count slut!”

“One! “

Two more Lashes land on that same cheek and your knees almost buckle. You call out the numbers and almost cry with joy when the next three Lashes fall on your other cheek. The sharp pain of each strike turns to a hot throb and the next two Lashes strike across the back of your thighs. When they buckle he catches you with one arm and holds you up. You gasp out the count. “Seven. Eight.” and Get your legs back under you. He lets you go so you are standing on your own again. Then you feel the cord drag up between your legs over your pussy. Oh no, oh no, oh no, you think and then the last two Lashes come down directly on your pussy. They are not as hard as the others but the effect is so much more. You shock yourself to feel an orgasm start to rise deep inside you. “Nine, Ten” you say between deep breaths.

“Good girl” his voice is warm and full of pleasure. His hands now roam over your ass and thighs.  They are on fire from the lashing but his touch is cool and soothing.

photo 1

The change from such a sharp sensation to one more throbbing and soothing is rather amazing.  Your mind is spinning back and forth between embarrassing exposure and burning lust.  While you are trying to sort this out and enjoy the feeling of his hand on your whipped ass, his other hand deftly unties your hands.  You have only a moment to enjoy the feeling of freedom.  You hear some rustling and then he takes your right hand and holds it to your thigh.  He winds another power cord around your thigh, over your wrist and then he ties it down.  He does the same with your left hand, securing both of your hands to your thighs.  The cords are tight and bite into both your thighs and your wrists at the same time.  When you tense against them it hurts more and so you try and relax.  With one hand in the center of your back he presses you down to the bed, while his other hand roams over your ass cheeks.  The warmth of his palm feels amazing.  That hand slips in between your ass cheeks, and glides over the base of the plug.  He twists it a few turns and then presses it into you.

photo 4 (7)

You tense up, and his hand quickly leaves the plug and comes down on your ass cheek in four hard slaps.  The shock of that hard pain returning to your ass tenses your whole body and pain shoots through your thighs and wrists in concert with the burning sting of the spanking.

“Slut, you need to relax.  See how uncomfortable it can be when you tense up?”  You can almost hear his amusement as he says this.  Bastard! you think malevolently and then take a breath forcing your body to relax.  The pain subsides and his hand returns and gently rubs and soothes the cheek that must now be bright red.  “You look so fucking amazing when you are this shade of pink, Pet.”  And with this his hand is back at the plug, only this time he twirls it and then starts to pull it out.  He only pulls until the thickest part is stretching you, and then he pushes it back in.  He takes his time with this, slowly fucking your ass with the plug.  The burning and stretching of your hole starts to build and when he reaches a rhythm of pulling the plug all the way out and forcing it back in, you can’t help but let out Hiss.

“I thought I told you to shut up, slut.  It seems you have real trouble following directions today.  I shall have to help you with this.”

Now his hand pushes the plug back in all the way and slides down further between your legs.  He slides a finger in the loop of the g-string that is poking out of your now drenched pussy.  He shifts behind you and squats down.  His free hand pushes your legs wider apart.  You can feel his breath on your wet slit so you know his face is very close to your sex pot.  Slowly he tugs at the g-string and it slides out of you.  He rises again and you can hear him inhale.  “Mmmmm, these panties have been soaking in your dirty little fuck hole all day.  I think they are just about right now to be used elsewhere.”  You feel him crawl onto the bed and straddle you.  His weight presses you down into the soft bed.  One of his hands fists in your hair and pulls your head back.  His other hand comes into your field of view dangling the soaked g-string over your face. Slowly he drags the wet fabric back and forth over your face.  “Open up Pet.” he commands as he pulls the g-string over your lips. When you hesitate for a second he pulls back hard on your hair and pushes the pussy soaked panties against your lips. You open your mouth and he pushes them in. You have tasted yourself before, twice that day already, but this is more intense. The flavor of your sex and its aroma fill your senses. While you take that in and try to process it another cord is tied around your mouth holding the panties firmly in place.

Suddenly you are rolled over on your back. You look up at him and see a fire burning in his eyes as he takes you in. You have to hold your legs up and spread to relieve the cutting of the cords restraining your hands to your thighs. He looks you over drinking you in while he slips off his jacket and undoes his tie. Then he moves between your legs and while he lowers his zipper and frees his cock from his pants.  His other hand rubs over your slick and clean shaven pussy and his thumb slips into your slit and strokes up until he finds your clit. While that thumb massages your aching clit, his other hand slides up and down the hard shaft of his cock. You watch as he rubs the head of his cock, which is now slick with precum. His thumb is rolling over and around your clit and sending wave after wave of quivering pleasure through your whole body. Suddenly he delivers three fast slaps to your pussy. The pulsating shock of that screams through you, and you gasp as you almost cum.

photo 2 (7)

“Mmmm, you liked that I think.” his voice is warm with his pleasure and desire as his hand resumes rubbing your throbbing cunt.

Before you can even respond in some way he thrusts his cock balls deep into you. The sudden violent penetration takes your breath away and forces you to grunt through your panty stuffed mouth.

photo 5 (3)

Grabbing the insides of your thighs where they meet your hips he pulls you down onto him and drives himself deeper into you, his pelvis pressing against your clit.  With the throbbing and the clench of your pussy on his cock, the presence of the plug in your ass screams back into your mind. He grinds down into you and then slowly pulls out to the tip.

“Fuck bitch! I can feel that plug in your ass on my cock!” he slams home into you again and now you cum. His cock strokes you deep and he pulls out and slams home again. You writhe under him as he fucks you hard through your orgasm.

Suddenly he pulls out of you and you can’t restrain a whimper at how empty you suddenly feel even as the after quakes of your orgasm pulsate through you.

“Oh I know you want more. But you fucking came without permission. I just can’t have that!” he climbs on the bed next to you kneeling at the side of you head. He reaches down and roughly pulls the cord from around your mouth and then the panties that you had been forced to suck on. You barely get a breath before his cock is pushed against your lips. “Clean your cum off your master’s cock now slut!” His cock is pushed straight into your mouth and for the fourth time today the flavor of your own sex fills your mind.  He withdraws slightly and then pushes harder and deeper.  You can barely open your mouth fast enough as his thick cock is forced past the back or your mouth and into your throat.  You relax and take him in.  His hand grabs you by the hair and pulls you down until he is rooted in your face and your nose is pressed against his belly.

“Fuck, you have a nice throat!” he growls and the sound of the pleasure in his voice gives you a tingle in your pussy that you would not have believed.   Turning yourself over to his every desire, his every whim, has had some surprising effects on your own needs so far today.  He slips his cock out of your mouth and you watch as a long strand of your spit drools off of him.  He slaps his cock on your face, letting your spit splatter on your cheeks and nose.  He rubs it over your lips and you open your mouth again to his cock.  This time he holds your head down and straddles your face as he shoves back into your throat.  The ties at your thighs and wrists cut into you as he mounts your face as he just did your pussy.  You struggle to find a way to relieve that pain while at the same time control your gag reflex as your throat is fucked.  Finally he pulls his dick out of your mouth, and you take a deep breath, resolving that bit of panic that was starting to set in about not being able to breath.  He drags his balls now over your lips, rubbing the silky smooth skin of his clean shaven sack against your mouth.  “Suck my balls, slut.” he commands as he strokes his cock, using your own throat juice as lube.  You lick him greedily loving the feeling of his incredibly soft scrotum on your tongue.  One at a time you suck his balls into your mouth as your watch his hand glide over that wonderful cock shaft.  He shifts forward a bit and his balls slip from your mouth.  “Now, lick my asshole.” his voice is tight and you wonder for a minute if he is nervous commanding you to do this.  You extend your tongue and lick down from the underside of his balls and into the pucker of his asshole.  At first you circle his hole with your tongue, truly rimming it.  He groans at this and the sound of his pleasure spurns you on to be more bold.  Hardening your tongue you press it against his entry, feeling the tightness of his opening.  You press more and feel your tongue penetrate him.  His sharp intake of breath tells you are driving him crazy.  You press harder and then slip your tongue back out and swirl it over and around and his hole again. You watch as he strokes his cock using your saliva and his precum as lube, while you lick and suck at his asshole. You harden your tongue again and start to thrust it into his tight hole, tongue fucking him as best you can. “Fuck.” he groans and then rather suddenly he moves off of your face, and again you take a breath and wait expectantly for what he has in mind next.

You don’t wait long and he rolls you over so that you are up on the bed on your knees.  Your wrists are still tethered to your thighs, you are forced to be “face down and ass up” as they say.  You look back over you should and see him behind you, stroking his cock.  “That should work my pet.  Since you can’t control yourself when I fuck your dirty cunt, I think we shall see how well you can control yourself when I fuck this ass.” A hard slap punctuates his statement. His hand then slide between your cheeks and again finds the head of the butt plug.  A few twists and then he slowly withdraws it, letting it stretch your asshole as it slides out.  His hands spread your ass cheeks wide and you feel something warm and wet drip into your gaping asshole.  “You are gaped so nicely Pet.  You shall have to wear this new jewelry more often.” His voice is again warm and full of lust.  You feel his hands on your hips as the head of his meat rubs against your asshole.  You brace for a fast, brutal penetration.  Instead he fills you slowly, exquisitely.  His cock is thicker than the plug and much, much longer.  The way it stretches your tight back door sends a burning shiver up your spine and down to your clit.  The thickest part of him pushed past your sphincter and he pauses for a minute, then withdraws himself just abit.  He rubs that thickness back and forth over the tight ring of your entrance and you hear a low groan from him.  You start to move with his rhythm and are rewarded with a second groan.  “That’s it pet, Ride your master’s cock!”  His hands come off of your hips and he settles behind you, his dick half embedded in your rectum.  “Fuck me with your ass, bitch.” He commands.  With your hands restrained you cannot move as easily as your would like, but still you press back against him.  As you push past that thickest part of him, he is pulled in the rest of the way.  The deep fullness of having him fully in your ass, pressing against all those sensitive spots in your bowels and stretching your sphincter in a way that has turned from a slight burn to a delicious stretch almost pushes you to cum again.  You force yourself to pull away from him, cutting off that wonderful fullness and feeling his shaft as it moves out over your tight ring again.

“Harder Slut!” A slap explodes on your ass cheek and you push back down on him hard.

As soon as you press down on his pelvis you pull away, and start to find a rhythm as you push back and forth driving his rock hard fuck stick in and out of your ass.  The pressure building in you is becoming unbearable as you ride his cock.  “Mmm Pet, that’s good.  Fuck your ass like the little whore you are!” His hands are back on your hips and you start to feel him moving with your rhythm.  “Yes Master.  Take my ass!  Please pound it!” you hear your voice begging.

His hands release your hips and you wonder for a second why, until one of his hands take a firm grip on your hair and pulls your head back.  At the same time he drives fully into you and rolls his hips in a tight circle moving his cock deep inside you.  You feel his fingers now slip between your legs and slide into your wet slit.

photo (8)

He pulls harder at your hair, “That’s fucking right slut! This ass is mine to fuck!”  Those fingers now drive inside you and the fullness of his fingers in your cunt and cock in your ass makes the room spin.  “Do you want to cum?”  He asks while pulling his cock out to the very tip and then driving home into your ass again.  “Yes!” you grunt as he slams into you.  “Yes Master!  Let me cum!”  His fingers slip out of your wet hole and he slaps your clit several times fast and hard.  “Cum for me whore!” he shouts and with the burst of pussy slaps you do.  Your entire body lights on fire and explodes at the same time.  He shoves those fingers back inside of you stroking your pussy as it clenches and pulses over his knuckles.  This sends new tremors through you and he takes no mercy on your ass as his pole pounds into your bowels.  You lose track of the world and become lost in the sensations of his fingers in your quivering cunt, his hard prick pounding your rectum, his hand clenched in your hair forcing your head back, and the bite of the cords restraining your hands to your thighs.  Each sensation competes for your attention and is dominated by several waves of orgasms that pour over you, pushing those other feelings into the background only to let them slam back in when the orgasms subside.  Somewhere you hear someone yelling Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! and it takes a second to register that it’s him.  With each pounding thrust he is grunting out that magnificently dirty word.

“Cum for me Master!” you hear yourself purr.  “Please cum on me!  Mark me!”  He pulls out of your ass and steps over you, stroking his cock.  Pulling your head to the side he is over you, stroking his meat next to your face, holding you pinned down.  “You want to be marked pet? Here is your master’s reward for being a good little whore!”

ERBK part1_1

He presses the head of his cock to your cheek and you feel his hot, thick cum pulse out over the side of your face.  He strokes and drains his cock and balls all over your cheek and forehead with the thick goo that has built up in him as he has tortured you.  You revel in the feeling of his seed coating you, marking you.  As some slides over your cheek to your mouth you slurp it up and savor the musky flavor of his essence.  When he has finished cumming he rubs his softening cock over your face, spreading his cum over your face.  the tip of his cock grazes your lips and you turn and suck it.  It is coated in his jizz and beneath that familiar taste there is something else.  You wonder at it for moment until you realize that you are tasting your own ass.  The combination of his cum, cock and your ass make an interesting and erotic cocktail.  You surrender yourself to it all and suck him deep, cleaning your master’s cock.  When you are finished you look up at the dazed expression of pleasure on his face.

“Thank you  master.”


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